Social policy

Social work

In performing its duties, CSPH Alternatively intervenes on behalf of the State to meet government policy through the funding of important social projects. As such, CSPH contributed to the implementation of several construction works such as: the construction of the Maroua gas filling center, the construction of pilot filling stations in partnership with marketers in remote and unprofitable areas, the rehabilitation of the Kekem 256 km long section, following a landslide which led to the diversion of route in the supply of the Bafoussam depot via Yaounde.

CSPH also upgraded Yaoundé urban roads such as:  the Nkol-Eton and Nsimalen road and its electrification, the road of hôpital de la Caisse-Camp Sonel Essos-Hôtel du plateau.

CSPH which also contributed to the construction of the Mokolo and Mfoundi market also built its headquarters in Yaounde. In the far North, CSPH strongly support the construction of the Mokolo dam.

Community and cultural life

Being eager to maintain the well-being of its employees and permanent friendliness that should prevail between staff, CSPH, during the Board meeting of 13th December 2010, established a service of public relations and community life, responsible for organizing and following-up cultural activities, sports and community life.

Fitness walking was added into the activities of this service. On 15th January 2011, CSPH was involved in “la marche du thé” fitness walking organized by SONARA in Limbe. Some oil companies like TOTAL and SCDP also took part in this   sport activity. Also, CSPH staff strongly adhered to this activity, which is now scheduled for every first Saturday of the month.

CSPH also participated with a lot of happiness in the Association Sportive et Culturelle Inter-petrolier (ASCIP), a framework of expression for all athletes in the petroleum sector. In addition to Football, CSPH demonstrated its talents in Board games such as:  songho, scrabble, checkerboard, ludo, chess game. The next sport activity will be held on 18th June in Limbe.