CSPH and the Environment

CSPH opted to fight against desertification

Its efforts along these lines is translated by the construction of the Maroua gas filling center, fight against desertification, reduction of wood cutting and the control of domestic energy in response to demographic growth in the Far-North of Cameroon which led CSPH to build a gas filling centre in Maroua With a capacity of 105 MT. This gas filling Center allows a steady supply of the North and far North regions, and even neighbouring Chad.

Its accession in September 2005 put an end to shortages often observed in these regions. The inception of the University of Maroua, which main impact is the population growth, led to the extension of this gas filling center  with the construction of a third cigar with a capacity of 35 MT.

Still in the context of fight against deforestation and also to bring gas consumers near supply centre, CSPH is  projecting  to build a gas filling center in Bertoua in the eastern region. Works are already underway. The construction of this center takes into account environmental issues by preserving the ecosystem and by securing the location.