Since its inception in 1974 as a mere service ( Directorate of prices, weights and measures) of the Ministry in charge of prices which ensures to date its conservatorship, CSPH also developed the careers of many employees whose evolution  are compliant to the various  modification that the chart underwent. There are many employees today who ascended from simple employee to the position of Head of Department; this ascension is based firstly on discipline and job well done and also by a series of continuous training, seminars and courses.

According to the current organization chart, profiles  can be divided  in the following areas :

Departments of Technical and Economic Affairs :

- Economists
- Business studies
- Tax specialist

Department of General Affairs :

- Human resources
- Public administration
- Public Law
- Accounting
- Buying and Selling
- stock accounting
- Administrative data processing
- Maintenance
- Diverse studies

Department of Financial and Accounting  Affairs :

- Accounting
- Business Management
- Finances
- Banking
- Administrative data processing

Department of Internal Audit :

- Auditor
- Business Management
- Public administration
- Human resources
- Economist
- Public Law
- Business Law

Division of Legal Affairs

- Company lawyer
- Barrister
- Bailiff
- Private Law
- Buisness Law

Communication and  cooperation Unit

- Business Communication
- Journalism
- Public relations
- Advertising
- Computer graphics

Information Technology Unit

- Computing
- Computer Maintenance
- Computer Management

Sectaryship :

- Executive secretariat
- Bureautics